Change your pet's behaviour!


Your pet may have developed a behaviour which makes the life of you and your homemates difficult. Most likely, the resulting stress is making your pet unhappy as well.  I will help you to identify and remedy the underlying cause of the problem behaviour.  We shall work out a modification program to change disturbing behaviour into acceptable behaviour.   This is my 'Behavioural counsultation package'.

I can also help you to give a good education to your new puppy in your home.  Teaching good behaviour will help you to get a good bond and will prevent problem behaviour later in life.   This is my 'Puppy education package'.

I have a program to teach your horse to be confident when loading into a trailer. This is my ‘Trailer loading in horses’ program.

I use positive training techniques to ensure the welfare of your pet!


Ottawa region, Ontario, Canada


Feeling angry and guilty about behavioural problems of your pet is very natural! You can take action today and start a modification program that will restore a healthy relationship with your pet.

Who am I?

I am a Belgian born and educated veterinarian with a diploma in Companion Animal Behavior and Welfare (PgDip CABW). 

How it works

Behavioural counselling starts from a problematic and worrisome behaviour and aims at turning it into desired behaviour. After identifying the root cause of the undesired behaviour, we remove it if possible or else teach the animal to react differently to the trigger.

Positive training techniques lie at the basis of successful behavioural counselling.

I come to your home to see and discuss the problem behaviour of your pet.  We work out a modification plan to change or eliminate the behaviour.

I can also help you to give a good education to your new puppy in your home.  Early learning can prevent development of problem behaviour and it will make your life together enjoyable and fun!

Teach your horse to be confident about loading into a trailer. It will make your life so much easier and will help to have a good bonding with your horse.

Behavioural issues

Behavioural issues can occur in any home and are often the result of a combination of factors. Identification of the underlying cause and emotion is essential to work out a modification program.

Examples of unwanted behaviour can be: jumping on people, aggression, fear, barking, housesoiling,...



Continuous education and consultation of other specialists in the behavioural field are a must to ensure the welfare of your pet.


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